A Big Man for a Big Job – James D Richardson

Many Lions have been presented with a James D Richardson Award but many newer Lions are not aware of the Big Man, and sad to say not too many of our older Lions have had the pleasure of meeting Jim or listening to his presentations.

LION Jim was a successful business man, a hotel keeper and company director. Jim served with the RAAF as a heavy bomber pilot with 4 ½ years service in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Lion Jim was a Charter Member and was the Charter President (1952-53) of the Brunswick-Mullumbimby Lions Club.

James D Richardson BEM  1910 – 1987

Jim Richardson was one of the most beloved and respected members of Lions in the formative years of the Association in Australia. He served in the Royal Australian Air Force during the 1939-45 World War before establishing himself in the Brunswick – Mullumbimby area of New South Wales. Jim was second District Governor to be elected in Australia in 1956 ‑ 57 and the first Australian to serve as a Director on the International Board of Directors in 1958. He was recognised internationally for his magnificent oratory which held people spellbound at conventions and gathering of Lions. The growth of new clubs during his year as District Governor, fifty two, was never approached again by any District Governor.

The demands he placed upon himself meant that he travelled enormous distances by road, so that he could visit all his Clubs, attend to Association and other business, as well as run his hotel with the great support of his wife Pam. The strains caused him to have a Cerebral Thrombosis whilst attending, the International Board meeting in New Orleans in 1959. He recovered after a long convalescence, but without his capacity to speak. He was never again capable of carrying on a conversation or making a speech but continued to work for Lions at club level and attend conventions. James D Richardson BEM was one of the most dedicated and respected early leaders of Lions in Australia. In recognition of him being our first Australian International Director, the Australian Lions Foundation has instituted the James D Richardson honour award in return for a donation of $500.00 to the Foundation. Multiple Richardson Awards may be presented to a person, club or organisation.

All Awards can be granted more than once to the same individual.