District 201Q1 2020- 2021

District Governor
Lion Narelle Parkins
(Mobile) 0409 894 221
Email: dg.q1@lions.org.au
(Carrara Inc)   
1st Vice District Governor
Lion Nicole Phillips
(Mobile) 0407 763 007
Email: 1vdg@lions201q1.org.au
(Apple Mac Users Inc)
2nd Vice District Governor
Lion Ian Bruning
(Lion Therese)
(Mobile) 0417 638 834
Email: 2vdg@lions201q1.org.au
(Brisbane Camp Hill Carindale Inc)
Cabinet Secretary
Lion Di McCrae
(Mobile) 0499 604 516
PO Box 1548, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109
Email:  cabsec.q1@lions.org.au
(Sunnybank Inc)

Cabinet Treasurer
Lion Libby Whitestyles
(Mobile) 0404 035 884
Email: cabtreas.q1@lions.org.au
(Sunnybank Inc)

Assistant Secretary
Lion Bonnie Guilford
(Mobile) 0417 687 510
Email:  assist.cabsec@lions201q1.org.au
(Carrara Inc)
Constitution and By-laws Chairman
PDG Rob Johnson (Kerry)
(Mobile) 0412 285 618
Email: cbl.q1@lions.org.au
(Brisbane Pinelands Inc)
Immediate Past District Governor:
Lion David Greenup
(Mobile) 0400 255 922
Email:  ipdg@lions201q1.org.au
(Brisbane Camp Hill Carindale Inc)

District Development Team

Global Leadership Team Coordinator (GLT)
PDG Ross Gibbins (Lion Olly)
Mobile 0448 855 214
Email: glt@lions201q1.org.au
(Brisbane MacGregor Inc)
District Global Service Team Coordinator (GST)
Lion Jenny Maguire
Mobile 0412 358 205
Email: gst@lions201q1.org.au 
(Calamvale Inc)
District Global Membership Team Coordinator (GMT)
PDG Kent Wilcox (Lion Josephine)
Mobile 0400 316 304
Email: gmt@lions201q1.org.au 
(Redland City Inc)

 List of full Cabinet Officers listed on the Cabinet Officers page

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