District 201Q1 2019 – 2020

District Governor
Lion David Greenup
(Mobile) 0400 255 922
Email: dg.q1@lions.org.au
(Brisbane Camp Hill Carindale)   

1st Vice District Governor
Lion Narelle Parkins
(Mobile) 0409 894 221
Email: vdg1@//lions201q1.org.au

2nd Vice District Governor
Lion Nicole Phillips

(Mobile) 0407 763 007
Email: vdg2@//lions201q1.org.au
(Apple Mac)

Cabinet Secretary
Lion Denise Jackson (PDG Graham)
(Mobile) 0411 598 583
PO Box 165, Pottsville Beach, NSW 2489
Email:  cabsec.Q1@lions.org.au
Cabinet Treasurer
Lion Libby Whitestyles
(Mobile) 0404 035 884
Email: cabtreas@//lions201q1.org.au

Minute Secretary
Lion Therese Bruning (Lion Ian)

(Mobile)0412 401 614
Email: minutes@//lions201q1.org.au
(Brisbane New Civitas)

Immediate Past District Governor:
Lion Kim Forrest (PDG Ross)
(Mobile) 0499 323 392
Email:  dg@//lions201q1.org.au
(Logan West)
Constitution and By-laws Chairman
PDG Lesley Lyons (Lion David)
(Mobile) 0419 796 022
Email: cbl@//lions201q1.org.au
(Logan West)

District Development Team

Global Leadership Team Coordinator (GLT)
Lion Ian Bruning (Lion Therese)
Email: glt-d@//lions201q1.org.au
(Brisbane Camp Hill Carindale)

District Global Service Team Coordinator (GST)
PDG Peter Ho (Lion June)
Mobile 0412 796 243
Email gst@//lions201q1.org.au 
(Brisbane Chinese) 

District Global Membership Team Coordinator (GMT)
Lion Stuart Perrett (Lion Kaylene)
Mobile 0411 173 499
Email: gmt-d@//lions201q1.org.au 

 List of full Cabinet Officers listed on the Cabinet Officers page

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