Lions Acronyms

Glossary of Frequently Used Abbreviated Terms & Acronyms used in Lions

Administration Officers – The 1st & 2nd Vice District Governors act as liaisons with the District Governor’s Team.

(ALCCRF) – Australian Lions Children’s Cancer Research Foundation is an MD201 Category B project with the vision of “100% survival for kids with cancer” and a mission of preventing kids with cancer dying by raising funds nationally and donating these to the best high impact childhood cancer research across Australia.

(ALCMF) – Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation has the purpose of supporting the purchase of mobility equipment such as walkers, manual and powered wheelchairs for children with Cerebral Palsy or other physical disablement.


(ALF) – Australian Lions Foundation provides help and assistance in all forms for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for persons in needy circumstances within Australia.

(ALWF) – Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation is primarily charged with the development and provision of suitable drug awareness resources and materials for use in their own legal communities.

Branch Club – Should be written as “Club Branch” – enables a small group of people to form a Lions Club and start making a difference in their community sooner. Branch members are part of an existing “parent” club, but hold independent meetings and select their own projects and activities.

Cabinet – is the administrative body of a District. Cabinet meets at least 4 times per year and is chaired by the District Governor.

(CBL) – Chairman – appointed by the District Governor to administer the Constitution and By-laws and is a member of the District executive.

(CEP) – Club Excellence Process is a structured workshop process designed to help Lions clubs improve in areas of their choosing. Each club participating in a CEP workshop would discuss service, communication, growth and involvement.

Club Branch – enables a small group of people to form a Lions Club and start making a difference in their community sooner. Branch members are part of an existing “parent” club, but hold independent meetings and select their own projects and activities.

Conventions – annual meetings held at District, Multiple District (National) and International levels. Clubs can send one voting delegate per 10 members although any Lion is welcome to attend and/or speak.

Council of Governors – is the corporate structure providing effective administration of the Multiple District. It is the governing body comprising the District Governor of each district and the Chairman of Council.

(CSD) – Cabinet Secretary Designate – appointed by the District Governor Elect and serves to assist in the administration and general preparation for the upcoming year.

(CTD) – Cabinet Treasurer Designate – appointed by the District Governor Elect and serves to assist to establish the District budget for the upcoming year.

(DAG) – District Advisory Group consists of all of the Zone Chairmen (1 to 14) and in turn is chaired by the District Advisory Group Coordinator.

(DDG) – District Development Group – is jointly chaired by the GMT & GLT District Coordinators and consists of the Club Growth, Success and Excellence Officers with regional responsibilities supported by Administration Officers. The 1st & 2nd Vice District Governors act as liaisons with the District Governor’s Team.

(DG) – District Governor – the chief executive officer of the District who oversees the Cabinet and Clubs.

(DGE) – District Governor Elect. Has been elected by Lions club delegates at a District Convention to take up the position of District Governor from July of the following year.

District – a collection of clubs for administrative reasons. In Australia (MD201) there are 19 districts.

Excellence Award (Club) – Clubs receive a distinguished banner patch to proudly display on their club banner and the Club’s President receives a Club Excellence pin to recognise their outstanding leadership.

Family Membership – applies to eligible family members so that they can receive a discount on membership dues.

(FAQ) – Frequently asked questions.

(GLT) – Global Leadership Team – directs efforts toward identifying and cultivating effective leaders through active training and leadership development initiatives, while providing necessary information, guidance and motivation.

(GMT) – Global Membership Team – provides a structure of membership development which is continuous, focused and integrated. Team members stand ready to assist in the development and achievement of club membership goals and the identification of and assistance for struggling clubs.

(GST) – Global Service Team – Inspire and motivate service by supporting the development and implementation of service projects in clubs.

Health Assessment (Club) – a report from LCI that includes club specific information such as status, membership growth or decline, reporting history, financial status and contributions to LCIF made by the club and/or its members.

(IPDG) – Immediate Past District Governor.
(IPID) – Immediate Past International Director.
(IPIP) – Immediate Past International President.

(LCI) – Lions Clubs International – The official name for the International Association binding all Lions Clubs around the world

(LCIF) – Lions Clubs International Foundation – the charitable and emergency response arm of Lions Clubs International. It awards grants for humanitarian aid, disaster relief and major projects that clubs could not manage on their own.

(LEO) – Leadership, Experience, Opportunity – the LEO Club programme provides opportunities for younger people wishing to participate in community engagement as part of the Lions organization. ALPHA LEOs are school based clubs (12-18 yrs) and OMEGA LEOs are community based clubs (18-30 yrs).

Lion Tamer – A Club officer entrusted with the responsibility for the Club’s property and utilized as a Greeter at Club functions.

LIONS – Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation’s Safety (Original Version – official).

(MD201) – Multiple District 201 colloquially known as Lions Australia, it is the coordinating and administrative body for the 19 Lions Districts in Australia.

(MJF) – Melvin Jones Fellowship – Is not an award. Created in 1973, it is a major part of the LCIF donor program, named for the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones. The fellowship is recognition of a significant commitment to humanitarian work.

(MyLCI) – a new website portal for entering and reviewing Club & District member data.

Orientation – a series of seminars, webinars and workshops convened to assist introduce new members to the Lions organization and to bring existing members up to date.

(PCC) – Past Council Chairman.
– Past District Governor.
– Past International Director.
– Past International President.

PU 101 – a form to report the names and contact details for all newly elected incoming Club officers to LCI headquarters. It must be submitted electronically to LCI and in hardcopy to the Cabinet Secretary. This is critical for the effective management of over 45,000 Lions Clubs worldwide and assists in the preparation of the MD Directory and Club Contacts on the MyLCI.

Region – an administrative grouping of Zones of Clubs within a District. This District has 5 Regions allocated. 

Region Chair  – is a person chosen from the Zone Chairs in each zone to coordinate and assist the Zone Chairs in that zone.

Status Quo – is a condition placed on a Club by LCI which is a temporary suspension of their Charter (licence to operate as a Lions Club). It is usually a last resort by LCI in an attempt to bring the finances of that Club back into line and to re-establish its membership and governance. All bank accounts are disabled and the distribution of the LION magazine is suspended.

(VDG) – Vice District Governor. There is a 1st and 2nd VDG who together with the DG make up the DG’s Team. They are both elected at successive District Conventions until attaining the elected position of DG. They share the official Club visitations with the DG so that from the time an elected 2nd VDG takes office until they complete their term as DG they will have visited all clubs in the District. The 1st VDG and the 2nd VDG are the liaison between the DG’s Team and the GMT and GLT respectively.

(WMMR) – Web-based Monthly Membership Report – required under the LCI Constitution and By-laws to be submitted by the Club Secretary via the MyLCI website portal. This allows the effective management of Club information globally.

(YOTY) – Youth of the Year Program – an annual youth competition aimed at encouraging, fostering and developing leadership qualities in young Australians.

Zone – an administrative grouping of Clubs in a District (4 to 8 clubs) allocated by the DG and managed by Zone Chairs.

(ZC) – Zone Chairs – manages a Zone together with representatives of the clubs in that Zone called the District Zone Advisory Committee consisting of Club President’s, Secretaries and Membership Chair.