Lions Children of Courage


The Beginning…

The Lions Children of Courage Awards were first initiated in 1983 in Western Australia by the then District Governor Joe Mason.

The Purpose…

To recognise an incredibly special group of young Western Australians and their families. At the time there were many awards that recognised the achievements of young people, however, children with “special needs’ were not catered for. These awards have been especially designed to recognise the courage and bravery shown by these children every day.

What are the Lions Children of Courage Awards?

 It is not a competition; every child who is nominated receives the award. It is hoped that by receiving the award it will:

  • Act as an encouragement for their future
  • Help them believe in themselves
  • Help increase their self-worth

The family also benefits from the award, sharing in their pride and the recognition of how these children have overcome the many hardships that they face on a day-to-day basis.

There are 4 (four) categories for which a child may be nominated, and they are…

  • Special needs…Children with special need i.e., sight, hearing, speech impaired, wheelchair bound or long periods of hospitalization or medical treatments.
  • Courageous act or deed…Showing great concern for others, aided at an accident, instrumental in the preservation of life or property. This category may also include children who have undergone lifesaving operations, undergone daily medical treatments i.e., diabetes, or siblings who actively participate in the daily care for their brother or sister.
  • Inspiring sporting achievement…Children who have overcome great personal hardship/disadvantages to achieve a high degree of sporting prowess either as a individual or team, member.
  • Sibling recognition …siblings who actively participate in the daily care for their brother or sister who have either a physical or intellectual disability.