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When it comes to meeting challenges, our response is simple: We serve.

Our volunteer projects unite Lions around the world. And our work is unconditional. We aren’t limited by continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however we can.

Right now, Lions are performing volunteer work to improve communities around the world. We’re meeting to plan a local project. We’re sponsoring international exchanges for young people. We’re cleaning up our local community. We’re welcoming New Australians. We’re raising funds to help the community. And we’re having fun.

Funds 100% of all funds raised by Lions from the general public goes back to the community. All administration costs are paid by members dues.

Largest Lions is the Worlds Largest Community Organisation with over 1.4 million members in 206 countries.

United Nations Lions are the ONLY Community Service Organisation with a permanent seat in the United Nations for Humanitarian needs.

Patron Patron for Lions Australia is the Governor General – General David Hurley.


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