District Governor

Lion Savva Argyrou

Welcome to District 201 Q1 – Lion Savva Argyrou

Lion Savva is a member of The Lions Club of Brisbane Hellenic since 2015. He held positions as President, LCIF coordinator, Club Marketing officer.

Lion Savva Argyrou has held positions in district 201Q1 as 1st & 2nd Vice District Governor, Zone Chairman, GMT North Region Chairperson, District Convention 2019 Program Chairperson, Cakes and Mints Chairperson and is a Certified Guiding Lion.

Lion Savvas ambition as a lion is that we all Work Together Forward to help serve those in need in our communities.

Lion Savva has been immersed in the Greek community from a young boy together with his family helping imigrants establish themselves in Australia.

Lion Savva is married to Lion Sophia and they have a beautiful young Daughter Vasiliki.

Lion Savva is a multi award winning Fashion designer. He owns and runs his own business for many years.

“The Satisfaction I receive from doing things for others greatly exceeds the satisfaction I receive from doing things for my own benefit.”