District Governor

Welcome to District 201 Q1

My theme for the year is “Building a Stronger Tomorrow”.

The impact to our Clubs of the Covid Pandemic has been dramatic in impacting our capability to meet our Lions commitment to serve our community.

With your assistance, we can work together to assist our Clubs to grow their service, retain our existing members and attract new members and importantly, enjoy the fun and fellowship of Lions.

My Mascot for the year is Bunji the quokka. Bunji, in the First Nations language means Mate or Friend. Quokkas are recognised as the happiest animal in the world and I hope his smile can continue to be spread amongst our members and those we serve in our Community.

In the words of International President Brian Sheehan – Together We Can.

I encourage you to reach out to your Cabinet Officers to assist you in reaching your club goals and making a difference in your community. They are there to give help if needed. I thank you for your service and commitment to Lions and look forward to working with you all and meeting as many of you as possible as Lion Therese and I continue our Club visits

Yours in service

Lion Ian