Laying it on the line for Kids with Cancer

Protecting our children and grandchildren from Paediatric Cancers is a cause close to the hearts of parents and grandparents alike throughout Australia. We am sure that all Lions would love to help the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) support this essential work. One simple way that Lions and the greater community can help to raise funds is by hosting a “Coinline”.

The proceeds of hundreds of individual Coinlines throughout the country will be converted into 5cent coins and laid end-on-end. The objective is to break the current World Record Coin Line, standing at just under 76Km. Our goal is to reach 85Km which will smash the record. When we reach this target, the ALCCRF and Cancer Research will benefit by over $250,000.

In an age where we predominately use cards before cash, there are still millions of dollars in coins in circulation. Many are just lying around in bowls, jars, drawers, and bed-side tables. Now is a good time to collect up all those coins and create a ”Coinline” with your friends.

The ALCCRF has received a great response to the District Functions Challenges at the MD Convention in Canberra, with a total of $4,000 raised at the dinners held on that one night. The current “Changeover Challenge” is going very well, with numerous Clubs and Districts reporting during June. Particular thanks must go to District C1, with $2,500.00 donated from their Challenge.

It is time now that all Lions rise to the Challenge to hold a “Coinline”.

Coins of all sizes are OK, even bank notes if you run out of coins. You can do it on the floor, you can do it on a table. It can be in a straight line or form a pattern. You can make it spell out a name or a message, like “Coinline for Kids with Cancer”.

It is your “Coinline”, so use your imagination, promote it, host it and then photograph it. Send your photos to or post them on Facebook at “Australian Lions Laying it on the Line for Childhood Cancer” or on Instagram Let everyone know about your successful “Coinline”.  

When you get to bank the donation, please identify yourself by using Coinline and your Club number as the reference. All the donations received and identified will get a letter of thanks which will include a calculation of just how much closer we are to beating the World Record thanks to your help.

Please Challenge all the Schools, Businesses, Community Groups and Sporting Clubs in your area to hold their own “Coinline” and dare them to beat your total.

If every Aussie gave just one cent, we would reach our Challenge goal.

By now a brochure about the “Coinline Challenge”, a letter to all Club Presidents, plus a promotional letter for Clubs to personalise and use, should have been distributed to Clubs by your Cabinet Secretary.

The Challenge runs from July to the end of September (Cancer Awareness Month). If we are successful, the World Record attempt will take place in Maitland NSW in November.

Please direct all ALCCRF deposits to the at the National Australia Bank

BSB 085 397
Acc 942 947 951
Please use COINLINE as the reference and add your Club Number

Please direct any queries about the “Coinline” project to PDG Keith Stewart (Chair, “Coinline Challenge” Committee) at

ALCCRF is committed to the 100% Survival of Children with Cancer.      Your participation in the Coinline Project will help.

  “We believe every child deserves a chance at a healthy life”.